Piss & Vinegar

by Grave Siesta

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released June 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Grave Siesta Finland

Finnish Heavy Medal of Tomb.

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Track Name: Tyrant Pleasures
Time makes strange companions
When it's measured along with him
From a birth as a slave
He forged a different fate

To rule, destroy all their men
Every husband, father and son
Soon then came to be known
As a scourge upon their women

The desert shifts shape
All were dealt with the pain
From recluse that was left
New bastards rose

A state where morals fade
Tyrant Pleasures
Molest and fornicate
Tyrant Pleasures
Whipped child with shrapnel eyes
Tyrant Pleasures
Nation conceived anew

Suffer my pleasures
and despair

A state where morals fade
Tyrant Pleasures
Molest and fornicate
Tyrant Pleasures
Whipped child with shrapnel eyes
Tyrant Pleasures
A nation breathes no more
Track Name: Coffinborne
A retinue departs the village
Sombre pacing in the spring air
Slowly approaching

One is carried amidst them
Through mistakes she's got there
A woman interrupted

After being gently lowered down
A spark of life ignites
Escape the womb into a darker place

In this place she should not be
A poison bond to a dead host
Soon aspire as a weed towards



There is a man at the burial site
Stands vigil by the candlelight

Flicker switches faces
Between father and father

Vexed by decadent deeds
A shame that shuns the light

The strokes which rendered her
To serve as an offering

See it as a sacrifice

In the form of suffering

My child sacrifice
Track Name: Seamen Swallow'd
On board knife which cuts the water
Faces so barren, arid
Sails set from conquered lands
Warlike men seek revenge

In darkness the lookout cries
There's something on the way
Upon inspection
Acute alarm is sound

Winds creep and grasp the sailcloth
Few sway from ungodly downpour
Unleash destruction
Upon this unknown foe

Ship tilts then woodwork bursts
Guns unlodge, bones are splintered
Unveil deception
Too late for many of them

Flash fire reap the crewmen
As sea is lit by torches
Some saw leviathan
Track Name: Warwhore
Love is a thing most complicated
Sometimes more when blessed with child
Newlyweds split by call for war
Her mind is set before his ship has sailed

There's no point to wait for a casket
So share the secrets under night gown
Numbness from ceaseless pounding
It matters not in the face of Astarte


Last day dawns with friends in trenches
Final thoughts before the skull is pierced through
Tin soldiers as warlords keepsakes
Where is warrior when scores spill on the pastures


A selfish man dead for selfish cause

For lies of love and of fatherland

A feral queen, instinct procreate

Simple pawns, one now put aside

Claim this one as a statistic

Liquidate gain pure profit

Always fucking on the losing side

Ares delights for another son
Track Name: Pile of Tongues
The sky is blazing raw
Time for meek to squeeze their last tears

Across the northern lands
A veil of loss which won't disperse

Regicide, a sign of light
Venerate some holy ghost
Come for the cause
Savour your past
Savour still for the swordplay

Gather around you sons of whores
Seek no beggars to apply the salve
Set the stage, adjust the blades
Cut the tongue without remorse

We will be found in every doorway
To rid the folly rules
Of those yester years

The beast now clad in red and black
Those opposing can stand
To be burned alive

Speechless days, a path to god
Let them to come
Still able to see
Expression of will
Design desire
Then decide to
Cut off the tongue

Come alive, wage a war
Sunken lies lie red on the floor
Spread the joy
We are the one
Join in this work
By cutting the tongue
Track Name: Knight of a Bent Lance
A serf crawls out to quest for fame
His blushing daughter is offered as a boon
To a knighted brave one celibate sworn
Though not by his own but by the lord

Protector of all that is holy
Has returned to guard his flock

His seed was sour deemed from the get-go
Pretentious path to uphold a name
Jousting libertine, a thing of past
Chivalry's gone with his morning wood

Accept the fresh concubine
Struck down to work the floors
Evoke evil in dormant loins
His mistress truly is war

Love is alive and stars in the sky
Ejaculation stains on burnt soul
Rigid spears point to the bleeding moon
Eager men writhe in their ranked lines

Lust charges out, shafts slide through
Gushing holes where there were none
In months time the mounds impregnate
Dead knights and maggot midwives

The papal throne
Embedded in mind
Torch the castle
With maiden inside
Track Name: Whispers of The Worm
The church road is long as it is winding
Where lurk my foes, where hide my enemies?
I miss my kin, where sleeps my family?
Outlasted them all, I am my own king

Come nightfall, I learn of my ancestry
Filled with their remains the worms are whispering
Victories untold reflect from eyes deceased
Undead and buried is how they found me

I have no friends, enemies I have none
By walking these planes, I cannot be undone

No gentle man was my maker
My second mother, both drawn underground

Faded carvings on group of stones
Kindle the memories of old, gone

Below the soil on which you bled
Consumption of what once housed souls

Everything has turned to shit
Yet no ending can be felt

I have no friends, enemies I have none
By walking these planes, I cannot be undone